Say…What Happened to Dating, Courtship, & Marriage?!

It seems people today (in general) distort the true meanings and sanctity of dating, courtship, and marriage – yet wonder why they can’t find a good wife or a good husband. They generalize that the way to live their life is by adopting philosophies such as ‘bros before hoes’ or ‘get money over n***’. I don’t know everything, but I do know that this is NOT how it’s supposed to be. People get into relationships for the wrong reasons and become jaded over time.

Because they’ve been hurt or have a fear of being hurt, they become callous and icy and hard. Singers and rappers glorify this but in all actuality, THEY desire so much more! Everyone is going to have their views of premarital sex and the on what the differences are between ‘talking’ to someone and ‘dating’ someone. And on why men are from Venus and women are from Mars but the true solution to [the problem] (be you of the Christian faith or not) is to break down and truly discover the meanings of a TRUE relationship and how to break the cycle of infidelity and ‘get money’.

Check back later for PART 2 of this discussion.

– Joc


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