Say…What Happened to Dating, Courtship, & Marriage?! PART 2

[con’td]…but the true solution to [the problem] (be you of the Christian faith or not) is to break down and truly discover the meanings of a TRUE relationship and how to break the cycle of infidelity and ‘get money’.

If you haven’t already, I suggest you get up on Quentin McCall’s relationship blog “Knowledge For Life” — you’ll be glad you did! He has so many good points on what a few of the culprits are behind society and the mask it wears.

1. The Difference Between “Love” and “In Love” – there IS a difference and we all tend to misuse and interchange the two carelessly. Read how/why:

2. Nagging – it’s even in the book of Proverbs that no one likes nagging. It’s not healthy to or for a relationship. And it’s not just the ladies doing it these days…it’s the guys too! Read how/why:

3. Wasting Time on a Person that’s NO GOOD for You – staying in a relationship that’s headed NOWHERE fast will only jade you farther and farther. If you stay in an emotionally abusive relationship or put up with mess, it’s only going to harden your heart and make you numb to true love when it comes. Read how/why:

4. Stressing About Being Single – there are pros and cons in every season of your life. There are things you can rightfully do as a single person that you’d have to think twice on if you were in a relationship. Also, TONS of people date out of desperation or loneliness. This is being selfish and will most likely lead you into a bad or unfruitful relationship. You have to BE the person you want to attract. You can’t be lazy, but expect to meet someone who can cater to your high maintenance needs. You can’t be hot tempered and disorganized but expect to meet someone who is faithful and loving and patient. It works BOTH ways. Read how/why:


Hope this helps you! If you want to know more, just comment below and I’ll answer any questions! I’m not a pro, but I’ve lived a little bit.

– Joc  

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