“Goals are Cool, But You Need a Plan”

As many of you may or may not know, I am a contributing editor as well as the current web content manager for WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Organization). Well while browsing some of the blog entries from years ago, I came accross “Goals are Cool, But You Need a Plan” posted by Faythe Johnson. Here’s what it says:

No matter where you are in your life, or in what area such as career, spirituality, finances, personal relationships, etc., if you don’t feel like that is your final destination, you need more than goals– you need a plan.
The goals you set have to be attainable. Even if some may seem far-fetched, the smaller goals you set related to the main goal will often determine the likelihood of you achieving some success. Don’t be afraid to start small and take baby steps. The goals will seem less intimidating and you’ll be able to re-evaluate, adjust, and improve when necessary. If your goal is to dedicate more effort towards improving your spiritual life through prayer, reading, and connection with others, you’ve got to begin somewhere. Start small by committing to daily prayer or meditation and watch how things begin to evolve.
Set a time frame. You need to give yourself some time to be able to achieve your goals but you also need be mindful that too much time is an invitation for procrastination, which is one of the major pitfalls of planning. If you’re attending an institute for higher education and you haven’t really figured everything, understand that at some point, you need to figure something out and then get out yourself. A lot of people drag out the experience because they’re unsure of what’s going to happen when they’ve graduated. Your short-term and long-term goals need a time frame or else, there’s no distinction and no motivation to achieve them.
Keep in mind that things will change. Your attitudes, beliefs, inspirations, situations, and feelings will naturally change as you continue to grow, learn, and discover who you are. Do not be afraid to call an audible if these changes occur. Just take the time to do some re-evaluation and re-align your goals with your aspirations. However, don’t be so quick to jump ship at the sight of adversity. That will also come naturally, oftentimes meant to knock you off track and cause you to become fearful.
Share your plans with a few people you trust. When other people know what your plans are, that creates accountability and a desire to follow through. Nobody wants to look like a quitter or someone who repeatedly drops the ball. Your friend, family member, or mentor will hold you responsible when you begin to slip. Also it’s good to have support, which is why it is critical to share with only those who you trust and know will remind you of what your plan is.

If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t count. While working towards achieving the goals you’ve set, periodically, you must take time out to measure them and make sure that they’re actually taking you somewhere. You should be able to specifically say that “by doing ______ successfully, I have made ____ steps towards gaining real success. ”

Faythe touches on some great points. I suggest you guys take note. If you guys want to get more inspiration or check out some of my work for WEEN, visit the WEEN website: www.weenonline.org/

– Joc


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