…per a conversation between my father and I…

My response, per a conversation between my father and I, in reference to relationships:

I believe that taking my time with being in a relationship means I will be more ready to accept love when it comes, even if not in an expected package. I continue to live with an open-mind and think positively. I have faith in God and know that my steps are ordered in a path that has not been created by me, though I have free will in my choices along the way. I learn from my mistakes and from them make better decisions and communicate more effectively. I work hard because I want my own and don’t want to be dependent on a man, but instead want to be an asset to my mate, and complement him so that we can build TOGETHER. I don’t NEED a man to complete me, I WANT a man to share my life with. There is a difference.

Jannah Bierens


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