[LIFE] at a Funeral

I just left the funeral service of a high school friend who died in a 4-car crash last Sunday afternoon. I’ve been debating back and forth whether or not to write about the situation AT ALL – after all , this IS the WORLD WIDE WEB – aka ‘land of no privacy’ – but I’ve decided to write it just in case someone else is dealing with a similar experience.

I had an amazing time at the funeral! I know some of you may be thinking “this girl is psycho, it’s a friggin funeral for goodness sakes’! 

The reason I loved it so much was because we celebrated the LIFE of my friend…not his death. My friend’s father preached the eulogy with so much enthusiasm…so much zeal…so much happiness in his heart that I couldn’t help but stand up on my feet and praise God! He reminded all of us that as Christians, we are not supposed to mourn as ‘the world’ mourns because the world has nothing to look forward to…but we do! We, as Christians, have hope! Yes, he cried, and so did we, but he encouraged us to not mourn excessively for a long time because as children of God who are saved and who have given our lives to Christ, we know that this is only a wordly death ; after that we’ll be in heaven for all eternity with the Heavenly Father and The Son at His right hand.

I really enjoyed myself and this gave me the encouragement I needed to keep on pushing. Though life may not be perfect, each day is another day to get it right! That’s God’s gift to all of us. We are here for an assignment, and once it’s done our number will be called. It’s up to US to stay on track, live how we need to live, and do God’s will while we still have breath in these outer shells we call bodies!

Another thing I really loved about today is the fact that I got to see folks I haven’t seen since middle and high school. It’s good when you can come together (even if it’s for a sad occasion). We’re all doing different things and are at different places in our lives…but when you see people you haven’t seen in awhile, it inspires you to keep in touch, support and celebrate each other.

So to sum it all up…this experience has been a sad, but joyous one. We can take a word from our dear friend who passed’s book: Don’t be good. Be great.

– Joc


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