Listening Has Its Benefits (and Blessings)

Listening is a skill that has to be taught, practiced, and mastered! In teaching, you open the doors for obedience. In practicing, you learn. In mastering, Wisdom increases. -We have to learn how to listen, if we don’t, what’s the point of asking God to speak?
– Deandra Stills
NOW for my personal commentary:
A friend of mine from college posted this statement on her personal page and I couldn’t help but give a “that’s good…mmhmm..yeah yeah.” This is truth that all of us need to sit back and take the time to reflect on. Many times our lives are going a million miles a second and when things get stressful or a tad hectic, we’ll nonchalantly throw up a “Lord Jesus, You’ve gotta help me through this day!” or a “God why can’t I seem to get this right?” or “Lord, why isn’t this relationship working like I want or this job coming through like I’ve been praying?” — and we don’t even listen out for the answer.
Many times God is trying to tell us through the Holy Spirit that He is letting something ‘good’ pass by because around the corner He has something ‘GREAT’ for us! We can’t see or accept ‘greatness’ if we’re stuck on keeping ‘good’ present in our lives. The next time you ask God to guide you in anything …please make sure you cut out all the mess in your mind and channel into Him. Listen.
– Joc

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