Turn Down For What?! Here are a Few Reasons WHY…

Many Christians are out here talking about ‘turn up!’ — ‘turn down for what?!’ While some just say it out of fun, or to joke; over half actually feed in to the age old spell of lyrics and try to live out their life like it’s a song.

THIS IS A JOC ANNOUNCEMENT *** NEWS FLASH **** No one’s life is a song. Not even the artists/songwriters themselves! I always tell people, don’t fall into the trap of music. While music is great and helps enhance whatever environment we’re in, we need to be careful to remember that your life resumes after the song ends. A song is one single emotion drawn out and beautified in a 3-4 minute song. Realize that you can have fun and have moments of fun, but every second of life is not going to be a party.

Stop turning up and getting so drunk that you sleep with every guy you walk by. Stop turning up and wondering why you’re not doing good at work dispite the clear fact that you have a hangover and a concussion from the night before. Stop turning up and wondering why you always getting locked up for fighting (drunk). Stop turning up and getting involved in accidents or breaking every rib in your chest because you stumbled into oncoming traffic while walking home from the club. Stop turning up yet getting upset when you have to do the ‘walk of shame’ in the morning with the same nasty, sweaty clothes you threw up on the other night. Stop turning up and wondering why you keep having kids. Stop turning up and wondering why your kids are getting in fights everyday an acting up in school — even though they spend 95% of their time with your parents because you’re too busy ‘living the life’. ….I can go on and on…really, but I’ll stop here.

Before anyone thinks “this chick is so super saved, where does she get off being so self righteous”, you must know that this I am farrrrr from it! I have been there and done TWICE beyond that before I got serious about my walk with Christ so I am well equipped and justified in commenting on this ‘epidemic’. It’s ok to throw popular sayings around for fun…but the moment you start trying to live your life to FIT a song…that’s not going to work out in the end (if you keep it up).

Just remember — once you’re over the age of 20, you need to start getting serious about your future. Calm down all that partying. Call down all that extra stuff — just use wisdom and balance.

Ok…enough of my thoughts…check out what Trent had to say!

Trent Shelton: Turn Down 4 What?

– Joc


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