You Are Perfection [Joc’s Commentary]

Yesterday I posted a quote by the amazingggg Trent Shelton. 

For your refreshment….. 

You’re PERFECT for the heart that’s meant to love you. –Trent Shelton 

This may seem like an odd thing for some people to read (I can already hear the head scratching going on) but if you really read it with your spiritual eyes, it makes [perfect] sense (no pun intended).haha 

It is humanly IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to be a perfect being and Lord knows we all suffer from a slew of imperfections; but the significant other (aka ‘heart’) that God has brewing is His ‘perfect’ match for us. Both of you may have some issues that God is working on now, but by the time your paths merge into one, you will have the strengths to support each others’ weaknesses. In your singleness, just keep working on yourself and know that at the end of your ‘journey-of-singleness’ you will be molded and transformed into the PERFECT [one] that [their] heart has been waiting for!

– Joc


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