Teach Your Heart How To Heal

Here are some simple truths ( via the great Quentin Mccall ) to help set you on the course towards healing.

1) You are not meant to hurt forever – You were not born into this world for the purpose of pain.  You were born to be a blessing and to bless others.  Pain is a process and has a season.  It will not feel the same forever.

2) Truth really will set you free –  You have the power and authority to combat what is going on in your head.  In your mind, you may hear “This is the worst thing in the world.”  However, stop that thought and tell yourself the truth…. “This is, indeed, bad.  However, there are far more things that are worse than this.  This is NOT the absolute worst thing in the world.  That is an irrational thought.”

3) Understanding everything is not necessary – There will be things you may never understand.  However, you don’t have to understand everything in order to stand under God’s authority for your life.   You can choose to be who He wants you to be in spite of any circumstance.

4) God will put people in your path to help you – God can provide comfort from the unlikeliest of sources.  You never know who you will encounter and how something they say or do can influence your situation.   You never know how you may heal through helping someone else.

5) God will never put someone in place to replace him – While encouragement from others is always a wonderful thing, God’s desire is never for you to cling so tightly to another person that you are unable to see Him working in your life.   In all things, and at all times, give Him thanks; seek His will for your life.

I am an avid reader of Quentin’s blog “K4L” — and I suggest you become one too! Delve into more of his amazing advice: http://quentinmccall.com/

– Joc


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