If a Man Wants You…You WILL KNOW (via Gen. 28-29)

This morning for my daily devotion I focused my reading on Genesis 28-29 in which it details the account of Jacob, Leah, and Rachel. Each day I pray and make it a point to walk away from my devotions learning something that I can apply to or understand in today’s world. After reading this story (that I’ve read/heard a billion times before) I walked away with two main points that I didn’t think about before.


Jacob worked 14 years for the woman he loved.

Lesson learned: a man of God is going to work hard for what and WHO he wants. If a man is interested in you or loves you, he will make it happen. Point blank period. And MEN…it’s not being whipped or weak if you do for your woman. If you have a woman of God you will honor her when you are dating/courting her by respecting she and her house (family). When you finally do marry her, it’s ok to show her that you love her.


Each time Leah had a child, she named him ( ** insert name here **) because she was hoping and praying that with each son, Jacob’s love for her would grow. That was a NEGATIVE.

The first lesson to be learned in reading this is to be careful when wanting/pursuing a man. As a woman, you do not need to do all of the work. If a man wants to date/court/marry you, you will KNOW it. Second lesson to be learned…be careful which family/friends are allowed access to the details of your relationship. Leah’s dad led she AND Jacob on after that first 7 years Jacob worked for the family. Jacob was bamboozled and Leah was led to believe Jacob would love her in the end. The third and last lesson to walk away with (or at least I think you should walk away with) is for the ladies. Beautiful women of God…a baby is NOT going to keep a man. If you are of the Christian faith and are guilty of this, this story is here, outlined in the doggone Bible for goodness sakes! Regardless of how many sons Leah bore, Jacob never loved her because his heart was with Rachel. So if you are a “side chick” and think it will always work out for you…think again. Baby or not, if you are not the one a man believes is for him, the fact that you share a child will not sway his heart. Even if you are the one exclusively dating/courting your guy…having a baby together does not solidify your relationship.  If the foundation hasn’t already been laid and you are headed towards marriage, jumping the gun and popping out kids is NOT going to change the matter.

Hope this enlightens and helps someone!

– Joc


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