10 Dates I Plan to Go On (One Day):


10 Dates I Plan to Go On (One Day): 

  1. go to the park or hiking
  2. go to a cool concert, blues or jazz lounge
  3. go to a play or movie (yes, stage plays are pretty cool in my book)
  4. go to a theme park
  5. go to a swanky restaurant
  6. go to a radical dive (you don’t always have to spend lots of $ of food)
  7. go to a town festival (great arts, music, and food)
  8. get a Red Box and order some wings
  9. cook dinner together
  10. take a night walk on the beach (my fav! I’m determined to do this one day!) 


A friend and I were talking about dates/first dates so I thought hey, why not post my dating-bucket-list and maybe give someone else a good idea. If you have a hot date coming up and are plum out of ideas (yes I said plum)…you’re welcome. I take my payments in Trident Layers Gum. ❤

– Joc


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