And another random tid bit it is coming at you soon…. like now!I just want to say that I am totally in LOVE with Zendaya Coleman! This young lady is so passionate, beautiful, and talented it’s mind blowing! I first saw her while flipping through the television channels dancing and originally thought ABDC had come out with another season (sadly not); but when I saw her little limbs flex and pop I couldn’t turn away.


Her acting is supurb and if “Shake It Up” was on back in the 90s when I was a kid I would be glued to the tube each and every day! She is someone I wouldn’t mind having my future kids look up to. Now mind you, we have virtually NO CLUE how she will turn out or what she does in her off-time (note cue: Lindsay Lohan, Justin Beiber) — but I feel as long as her parents keep her grounded and as long as she doesn’t let money or life’s emotional rollercoaster influence her decisions, then she’ll grow into a lovely young woman.


To me, it’s like watching Aaliyah 2.0. Zendaya is a perfect mix of girly and tough that brews up one phenom-in-the-making. I know some people say Ciara is a mini Aaliyah, but I think Zendaya captures her essence more. Ciara is amazing and I don’t knock her by any means, but she’s more of a gritty, outright sexual performer; whereas Aaliyah and Zendaya have that perfect mix of both worlds going on. But who knows, maybe as she ages, Zendaya will go sex it up like Miley….only time will tell.

But for now, I want you all to check out her AMAZE BALLS (in my Giuliana Rancic voice) first music video! Support this child!


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