Compromising vs Balance

Compromising vs Balance (via Jamal Hyman)


Lately, I have been speaking about relationships, intimacy, and balance. I have chosen to focus on these topics because during my spiritual journey as a Man of God these issues are things I’ve faced. From deep studies and revelations from God, I have learned and witnessed the consequences of compromising,The Bible tells us to “…not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind… (Romans 12:2)”. You would think it would be easy to obey Gods word, but when you add your flesh, pride and freedom of choosing to, “…not conform…” it becomes a little trickier.In today’s society, if you don’t have the latest shoes or brand name clothing than you are nobody. These things promoted in the world make conforming/compromising your beliefs, morals, and values the cool thing to do. But that is not the case because compromising makes you forget who you are; to be accepted for someone that you are not.Along my journey as a Man of God, I have compromised to be accepted and save relationships that was not in Gods plan or purpose in my life at the time.Understand this; if something is from God, you won’t have to compromise in any shape or form that is not pleasing to God. I have compromised my standards of celibacy to seek pleasure in sex, masturbation and oral sex. What I found to be the reason for my actions was due to the lack of intimacy and growth with my Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.In the stages of me compromising I was so unbalanced that I used anything to fill those voids and turned to bad habits from the past. Anytime you turn to negative habits, the devil always plant thoughts in your mind that makes you do it more than once and think it’s okay to do it again.What I’ve learned from my “season of compromise” was that if I don’t have a balanced life, when I go through a season in my life where I’m hurt or loss someone that I was emotional connected to; I subject myself to bad habits that hinder me from growing closer to God.Recently, I have learned a deeper teaching about commitment, intimate, and faithful relationship to God from Derrick Hammond and other studies. From Derrick Hammond, he breakdowns Judas communion and betrayal; Judas was able to communion with Jesus without being committed to Jesus.A lot of us communion with Jesus but don’t totally commit to Jesus which leads us to be unbalance in our walk with Christ making it easy to go astray. I started to understand that I didn’t have a balanced life, so it was hard for me to love those who were not Saved. I would judge them, and avoid being around them. I would isolate myself before being with them. The Bible tells us, “…love your neighbor as yourself… (Mark 12:31)”. I started to think about those sinners that I avoided and how they were my “neighbor” that the Bible was talks about in Mark 12:31, and I realized that I wasn’t loving them like I loved myself.When God shows you, your own sin; it has a funny way of humbling you. So, then I studied the story of Jesus turning water to wine, realizing that Jesus was at a wedding and at the event, it was known to drink wine. I started to realize how Jesus got down to the level of those around him to be a light to those that would pay attention to His miracle. I also realized that Jesus was so comfortable about who He was that those around Him no matter who it was, sinner or believer, they were comfortable with who they were that they didn’t have to put up a front that they didn’t drink wine.My purpose now for people to realize that I’m not here to judge you but to tell you truth in Love; I can’t judge you because I don’t know you enough to say anything. Understand that if you’re being balance, you are able to listen to some secular songs as long as you know who you are. You will be able to be heavenly mind as well as earthly good. Being balance is about having an intimate relationship with Jesus where you can understand that not everybody will be saved at the same time and it’s a lifetime process of changing and growth. Being balance allows you to never forget those things you used to do, but to help those that are going through the same things.“When you forget where you come from, you will never make it to where you are going to because you lost the reality of yourself.”


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