Sir Abstraxxx (spoken word)- “Endless”

If anyone knows me they know that to love me is to love poetry/spoken word. There is a breathtaking beauty to the fact that you can take a pen and paper and transform one second or one thought into art. Since really rededicating my life to the Lord going on 3 years ago, I had to totally purge everything that was connected to my ‘old self’ in order to get to the place where God could mold, transform, and reshape me. Now that he has done that, I have a pretty good handle on balance. I filter what I allow into my ear/eye gates as I am FULLY aware of that fact that the [world] I live in doesn’t operate in the same manner. I would be a ‘dumb Christian’ if I didn’t acknowledge that fact; and since I am equipped with this knowledge I make sure I handle people and things with a long handle. What some Christians (especially new Christians or comfy Christians) forget at times is that there is such thing as a ‘gateway drug’. Gateway drugs don’t necessarily have to be physical drugs, but they can be anything that can open a clear path through the dooryway of temptation and the old sinful life you should have left behind when you got saved. For me this included my beloved poetry (for awhile). Even today and going forward in life I have to be mindful of what music I listen to, what leisure events I attend, and the type of people I hang out excessively with. Going back to the opening of this post — poetry is my thing. So now that I am living this new life for the Lord, I have to be careful not to lose myself in the words of the pieces I hear (like I once did) because it can be dangerous for my walk. All it takes is the right combination of words and my mind will go racing with memories of the life I once lived. I had fun times in my ‘old life’ but it was a sinful life — therefore I have to constantly battle thoughts and memories of who I once was in order to continue to strive and prosper as the woman of God I am now. AND SINCE I DO miss out on a lot of stuff because of my self censor, it really made my weekend to stumble across this spoken word piece by Sir Abstraxxx (I won’t get into his stage name, just focus on the piece haha)

This guy laid it out for his lady pure, clean, and simple. And to add the cherry on top, any soul who has ever known me will know that these chords in the beat behind this guy is EVERYTHING AND MORE!!! WOOOOOO CHILDREN! So enough of me talking and jabbering…check it out for yourself. Enjoy.

– Joc


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