“If We Had Your Eyes” – Michelle Williams


I just want to say that I am almost to tears literally (and it’s not just because I’ve been swamped all day). This song is not only what I needed to hear today, but just looking at how beautiful Michelle is and how she doesn’t look like what she’s been through is pure amazement! I saw Michelle share her testimony on an episode of LA Hair last month in where Kim styled her hair for her album art shoot with photog phenom (and my photog role model) Derek Blanks. Michelle revealed what virtually NONE of us knew — that she was fresh out of a battle with depression. This would explain where she’s ‘been’ this entire time. Some could crack jokes and compare her to Beyonce or any other member of Destiny’s Child, but I won’t. Being in the spotlight after joining a girl group that already had hits, THEN to branch off into the ‘unpopular’ sector of Gospel only to be shadowed by the success of her former bandmates HAD to be stressful. AND who knows, she may have dealt with family issues as well. Either way she has emerged as beautiful as ever and you can’t help but FEEL her lovely spirit leaping from the screen.

Derek Blanks is amazing in general, but he really captured the beautiful simplicity of the song’s message and who Michelle is as an artist. Also, model Michael Silba did amazing as the homeless guy. I’ve seen his work as a model but his acting is right on time and shows that he is diverse in his talents. I also enjoyed the cameo by Letoya Luckett; it shows that people can get along regardless of the past or how others may try to put them against eachother. Either way you need to SHARE SHARE SHARE this video with everyone you know! You never know whose day you will make…afterall, watching this video made mine.

– Joc


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