“Jocelyn Drawhorn Creative Writing Services”

“Jocelyn Drawhorn Creative Writing Services”


Just entering the work world or need help snagging that career you’ve always wanted? Your résumé can be the difference between ‘getting the job’ and ‘wishing you had the job’. 

Whether you are looking for a position in art, business, medicine, or even fast food, Jocelyn Drawhorn can use her writing talents to fuse just the right amount of your personality with your specific expertise. She’s held a BA in English since 2010 and has used her writing capabilities for over 5 years to help individuals, like you, snag the job of their dreams!



College/Entry Level

$30-$45 (please allow 2 – 4 days for turnaround)


Part Time/Temporary/Seasonal

$55-$70 (please allow 2 – 4 days for turnaround)


Full Time/Contracted Positions

(including managerial and administrative titles)

$75 + (please allow up to 1 week for turnaround) 


Already have a resume, but need help revamping it for another job or career?


Revisions/ Résumé Clean Up

$25 per page



Submit all inquiries and a description of desired position to jocsphotography@hotmail.com




“I was changing careers after 3 years and Jocelyn was able to assist me in managing and adjusting my old résumé. I got the job I applied for!”

– Drew C., NC


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