Where I Was On 9/11/01….In Remembrance


Twelve years ago I was in the  7th grade. About halfway through my first class I noticed that kids were asking for hall passes like crazy. It struck me as being EXTREMELY weird…after all, what are the odds that EVERYONE on my hall has to use the restroom? There had to be something else behind it. A low mummer began to drum up around the class as all of us were trying to figure out what the heck was going on. That’s when Brian Hooper came back and said “we were going to war.” The entire class erupted into an insane commotion as our teacher slipped out and went to the library where everyone in the school was flocking. It turns out, they were all trying to watch the news of the Word Trade Center Attacks as they were unfolding on the 4 or 5 good tvs the school owned. Our teacher was able to get a hold of one of those tvs and roll it down to our class as we literally spent the entire class period glued to screen. We didn’t even have time to soak in the fact that every classroom on our hall had their doors wide open. It was so uncanny how students were just floating from the 6th grade hall to the 7th grade hall to the 8th grade hall! Parents were pulling kids out of school…it was UNBELIEVABLE! You hear of wars happening in other countries, and read of terrible tragedies unfolding in the history books, but NEVER would you think that AMERICA…the US of A…the #1 Tip Top World Power would ever be put in a situation like this. Everything that happened after the initial chaos simmered down was somewhat a blur because my little 13 year old mind couldn’t help but ponder in shock: How could we lose Aaliyah just one month ago and now this. PLANES PLANES PLANES! aaliyah

As the months went on, stories began to break in the news of people saved by grace due to a missed train or a faulty alarm not going off on time. I was young but knew that it was no one but God’s Holy Spirit taking care of and watching over these people. There is NO OTHER WAY to explain how they escaped a certain death! I don’t believe in flukes, chances, or odds.

 Now that so much time has passed, 9/11 has sadly grown into a “thing that happened” for most of us. I have been guilty of feeling this way myself. Since I don’t know (to my knowledge) anyone personally who was directly affected by this by losing a loved one, I have chosen all of these years to not participate in the outpouring of reposts and letters. I have many friends who have birthdays on 9/11 and instead of dwelling on the terrible events that happen, I have been choosing to celebrate not only the birth of my friends, but the lives of those saved. I don’t like dwelling on the negative. If you are on Instagram or Facebook, or even Twitter; you will undoubtedly have your timelines flooded all day with a bunch of reposted photos and quick quotes to just “mark it off the to do list”. I have decided that this year, I will remember 9/11 for the good AND the bad that came along with it; because whether I like it or not, that year changed the country in which I live forever. So today ,really take time to reflect, journal, and share YOUR thoughts on what this day means to you…if anything. If you can’t remember where you were or what you were doing; that’s fine…some of us don’t. Especially the little ones. But if you are old enough to understand, or if you have lost a loved one in the 9/11 attacks – just take one minute to shoot up a quick prayer for those families affected in any way. Even if they don’t physically hear you – their spirits will feel the love.


– Joc


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