A Little 2 Cents From Good Ole Jocster

mindsetSo this past weekend was PHENOMENAL as I spoke at a speaking engagment on this past Saturday. All week…shoot, ALL MONTH, the enemy (Satan for those of you who don’t know) was trying to penetrate my thinking and it was a physical, mental, and emotional fight on my end. I started to come down with a cold/scratchy throat, but prayer and Vitamin C kicked that out. I began to question my relationships with the people in my life — but I was able to overcome that. Work at the office was becoming so overwhelming that I cringed walking through the door — but encouragement from God’s word and my parents helped pulled me through that. I MEAN he tried EVERYTHING YA’LL!!

My speaking engagment was at a women’s conference in Greenville, NC and after letting God lead me as I wrote my notes down for what I was going to say, I decided to be transparent about past hurts that I hadn’t shared with ANYONE (save my parents and a few close friends). Then low and behold, at a networking event I attended the night before I was to speak, someone from my past (whom I hadn’t seen in like 4-5 years) surfaces and it felt as if I got hit with a wrecking ball. To make things worse, this person (who’d hurt me DEEPLY years ago) had the audacity to float on over and attempt to strike up a conversation as if nothing had happened. No apologies. No ‘I’ve changed’. No ‘sorry I hurt you’. Just an everyday casual convo. Of course I didn’t stick around to entertain this foolishness. Iexcused myself and walked in the other direction. Needless to say, I had to pray long and hard before I went to sleep that night, for God to continue to strengthen me and keep my mind at peace so I could get through this speaking engagment.

The next day I felt better as I pulled up to the church to prepare for the conference, THEN my zipper on my skirt BROKE as I stepped out my car and all my intimates were out for everyone to see!!!!!!!!!! But by that time I was determined, even then, to not give in or get frustrated, but push through. Eventually, through tears and laughter, I spoke to the women and not only was solicited to speak and photograph at various churches and youth conferences, but I had my life spoken into. In sharing my testimony and speaking to the women on how to live a changed and effective Christian life, I WAS TOUCHED and pain that I’d held captive in my heart for YEARS was released. Then to add the sprinkles on a great morning/afternoon ‘sundae’, I hit the highway to go support my friend Aarik Duncan about 2 hours away at another conference in Clayton, NC. He rocked it out, we worshipped and I realized that right then the quality of our lives is often times determined by our mindsets. The enemy was very aware of the fact that if he could get into my mind all month, I might have been knocked off track and the growth of the women at the conference and MY personal growth would have been stifled. Because I have the mindset of Christ, I chose to react in a way that didn’t allow the enemy to win.

The thing some people get twisted about being a Christian is that, once you get saved, it doesn’t magically stop bad stuff from happening to you or alleviate painful situations….it just changes your mindset and how you react to them. It SHOULD at least.

Take this for example….if you’re living in a bad part of town or if you’re growing up in an abusive household, don’t give into it and let it turn you bitter and vindictive…decide to educate yourself, find a valid career and get out.

If you’re poor or can’t seem to get with the hang of school, don’t give up and turn to a life of crime, gangs, and drugs….decide to find a trade and start your own business. Though a 4 yr college is good, it’s not for everyone — you can go to a community college or tech school and get your certificate in something you’re good at.

If your parents abandoned you or someone abused you in the past, don’t repeat that cycle and take it out on the world…decide to be better and turn your pain into fuel so you can overcome and live a joyful, happy life.

It’s CLEARLY evident in the bible that a Christian should be distiguished by their mindset and their walk. If we react to situations and trials the way those “without God” would react, we are not truly living a Christian life. We aren’t using the power and freedom God gifted us when Jesus Christ died on the cross. I really hope and pray someone gets this, but know that these are all just my personal thoughts on how if you change your thoughts, you change your life. You don’t HAVE to take anything I’ve said here to heart — but you’d really be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t.

– Joc



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2 responses to “A Little 2 Cents From Good Ole Jocster

  1. So very proud of you….The devil will try to defeat everything you attempt.Rebuke him every time! Always give honor to GOD,for the devil hates for you to say,”I LOVE JESUS and JESUS IS MY LIFE,MY SAVIOR,and my WORLD!

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