Forever.For Always.For Love – Traits of a Godly Marriage

marriA college friend of mine posted this photo on her Instagram and I immediately did back flips in my mind! I love every single last thing about this piece of art! When some people look at this photo they may say “Oh ok, yeah marry someone who loves God.” — but to me (and my analytical yet creative  mind), I saw SO much more than that!

I took notice to the cracks on the couple’s faces – to me, it shows brokenness and imperfections. But then also notice that the closer their faces are to the bible (and  each other) there are no cracks. This said to me , when you put God first in your marriage, two imperfect people can come together and be made whole in God. Their love will not necessarily allow them to tolerate MESS, but to be able to love forgivable flaws and help their spouse triumph over past hurts and mistakes. 

I also noticed that their hands are intertwined together beneath the bible – to me the artist is saying that the couple is in this thing called marriage/life together – equally yoked – and putting God’s word above their own “thoughts and feelings”. Also I took notice to the fact that their ‘free’ hand is place individually on the bible which could illuminate the point that when you are in a godly marriage….that once you give of yourself to each other…you won’t have to worry about “making sure your wants are met” because your individual needs will already be met by your spouse. 

Looking at this beautiful piece, I can also see that the lower half of their bodies are grayed out, but as I work my eyes up to the top of the photo they are in color. The symbolism that came across to me suggests that the colorless, black-and-white pigment symbolizes the old self and ‘their old lives’ – aka their pasts. Even though I’ve never been married, I know that when you truly love your spouse and have God in the center of your marriage, you will be granted the strength and grace to work beyond your spouses past and help build and empower the man or woman of God they are RIGHT NOW! The black-and-white color transforming upward also says to me that this couple is committed to  ‘dying to self’ and has been renewed as one with their spouse through the love of God. Love is not selfish. Real, godly love at least.

Perhap my FAVORITE part of this piece is that this is an image of a couple is kissing the bible! This to me not only states that this symbol represents the God in their marriage, but also drives across the message that they can love EACHOTHER THROUGH God. The artist could have EASILY depicted the couple kissing each other’s lips and merely holding the bible below in their hands,; but he didn’t. This man and woman are kissing each other THROUGH the bible which says to me that when you love God first, you will truly be able to love your spouse as you should.

 Anyone who knew me back in school knows that I LOVEEEEE breaking down poems, literature, and art for symbolism. When a piece can make me think, the person who created it is beyond talented. Anyone can draw a stick figure, or write a rhyming poem – but when it has a deeper meaning – it’s all love in this corner! 

I have decided that when I marry, this MUST be the first piece of art my future-husband and I will put in our home. Not only to remind us of why we love each other during the challenging times, but also get this principle engraved in the minds of our future-children early on. 

AHHHH I could honestly take this photo, tape it up to the sky, and look at it all day. Love is beautiful, but a GODLY LOVE….whewww children ain’t nothing like it! I can tell you that I am forever grateful to my Heavenly Father that He thought enough to bless me to be born in a household where my parents are the EPITOME of this picture and more! They have been together going on 36 years and the ONLY REASON they are together is because they made a vow long ago that they would put God first in their marriage and sure enough, everything else followed. They often tell younger couples around the town who are thinking of heading down the aisle “Marriage is a job. And like any  regular job you may have, some days you can’t wait to go to work, and some days you just don’t feel like it.” – but like any job, you think of the benefits that come with that job, and of how it enriches your life, and this motivates you to keep pushing through those “ho hum” days. The same goes with marriage.

Perhaps this is why I ‘love’ love. Especially black love. I had great examples and I want (and will have) the same for myself. In my late teens/early twenties I was in such a hurry to catch up with all my little friends who were getting married out the gate and kept wondering why I was still single. But now I realized that my life was a mess. I partied too much, drank too much, and did everything that would NOT attract a quality man of God. Yet I kept wondering why I always seemed to end up with clowns. Now years have passed, I am living as a woman of God ought, and all I can say is THANK YOU LORD from saving me from marrying into a big pile of mess!!!! (insert praise break here) haha

I have learned to be patient and use my time as a single woman to establish myself professionally and spiritually, so that when my designated man of God arrives, I will know it and be able to throw him a little leash to let him know “I see you boo and I’m ready”. haha This painting just got me all excited again for the years to come and of the wonderous blessings God has stored up safe for me!


– Joc



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2 responses to “Forever.For Always.For Love – Traits of a Godly Marriage

  1. Very well written. Real agape love is beautiful but preparing yourself for your future first is a definite must.

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