Lessons Learned from EXODUS – Are You Following the Right Leader?

During one of my daily devotions, I read up on the last few plagues of Egypt that lead into the crossing of the Red Sea. I sat on it and asked “Well God, I’ve heard this story since I was a tiny tot; what else do you want me to get out of it?” 

The lesson that jumped out at me this time is this: Be careful who you are following. Make sure your leader is leading you in the right direction. This can go for the head of your household AS WELLAS the man or woman of God who is leader over your particular church assembly. It is SO important to make sure you are following a leader who is led of the Lord with pure intentions and who is not in ‘it’ for personal gain. I know sometimes we can’t always tell who is in leadership for the right reasons, but we can pray that God will show us who is headed on the right path.



The Egyptians that followed Pharaoh were led to a terrible death; but the Israelites who followed Moses (who was ultimately following God) were led out of captivity towards the Promised Land.  But also, notice the importance of recognizing your good leader….

The Israelites complained when they couldn’t see the Promised Land right away and almost stopped following the man of God. This subsequently delayed their promise and got their faithless behinds stuck in the wilderness for what seemed like an eternity! If they would have simply trusted the vision God gave the man of God (Moses), they probably would have gotten to the land of Canaan a lot sooner than they did.

As a Christian, I started a mental checklist to make sure I was on the right track in this day and age….

#1 Make sure you are in a church that is led by a true man/woman of God. CHECK.

So glad that my pastor (Israel Campbell) leads my church as he should. He not only preaches encouragement and prosperity, BUT also hits on subjects some pastors scoot around and keeps us in check if our lifestyles and attitudes aren’t lining up with the will of God.

#2 Make sure that you are under a household covering that is led by a man of God. CHECK.

All of my life I have had the honor and blessed privilege to be raised up in a household where my father governed our family as a man of God ought. When I was younger it frustrated me that I wasn’t allowed to do this, or go there, or had to work at this, or clean up that, or why I always had to go to church and do family devotion, or be in charge of saying the grace – but now that I’m older, I know he was doing what a godly man should for his children. He was teaching me how to grow as a Christian so that even if I strayed (AND LORRRRD did I stray), I would always have that seed planted to line back up with God’s will. When I get married, I will marry a man that will govern our family in the same way – we will have family devotions, stay planted in the house of God, raise our children in a Christian manner…and so on.

#3 Keep the faith. IN PROGRESS.

I’ll be honest. My faith is something that I have to work on every day. I literally keep encouraging scriptures by my desk at work and talk to God out loud in the car or at home when I’m overwhelmed. I have SO much going on in this noggin of mine I have to work hard to keep faith at the forefront of my mind. That is why I’m always in the house of God or calling up my parents to do devotion – I may not physically see my new career, or my healing, or my man of God – but when I attend Sunday service or Bible Study or Revival; I’m refueled and encouraged.  I always make it a point to learn more from the shepherd of MY house, so that I can continue to gain strength to keep my faith going in my everyday life.

– Joc


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  1. Follow the WORD…and your life will be filled with joy,love and peace.

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