Ready or Not? via P4CM – Christ and His Bride (aka The Church)



For those of you who don’t know, P4CM is a Christian Spoken Word/Arts Group in California who performs amazing pieces and circulates them around the world through their website and via YouTube. I have been following them for a little over 2 years now and Jeanette…ikz is by far my favorite poet! Not only does she inspire me to connect as a woman, but she has a way in which she molds her word play into intricate blows of truth and knowledge. My dad and I share a love for spoken word and jazz so when he posted this to my facebook page my MIND WAS BLOWN! My pastor JUST wrapped up a sermon series last month that dealt with EXACTLY this! It was titled “BRIDEZILLAS” — and took a detailed look at the 7 churches and went into depth outlining their faults and good so that WE, today’s church, will not be a ‘bridezilla’ that’s wacked out and psycho; but one who will be found without spot or wrinkle when our bridegroom Christ returns.

Everything about this piece is love. Please take the time to listen to it in its entirety and share with whomever!

– Joc


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  1. Please share…I love your blogs!

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