Sevyn Streeter = Ambee & Davida Williams from TG4

So I just found out that Davida Williams from TG4 is now into photography! ( ) LOVEEE IT! And I know I may be late but this Sevyn Streeter that’s blowing up – she looked SOOOO familiar to me…. Then it hit me today…she was in TG4 too; she just went by another name…Ambee I think. I went to like EVERY Scream Tour back in the day (Scream 2-4) and I remember they opened up the Scream 2 Tour and they were good. Too bad TUG had too many groups cranking out – it was probably hard to focus on each individual one.


ANYWHOOOO….so in honor of the song that I could NEVER get out of my head in 8th/9th grade….an ode to women growing up and moving on!


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