I Plan On Writing A Book….Maybe.

writingSo I have come to the realization that as a ‘creative’, it’s ok for my mind to be bursting with ideas. I thought that if I didn’t stay focused on JUST photography or ONE SINGLE CAREER/ASPIRATION that it classified me as ‘fickle’ and ‘whimsical’.

WELL….SO WHAT?! (that’s what I had to say to myself. haha)

God has given me a creative mind and a life to live out those creative goals and dreams HE put within me. So with that being said I’ve been thinking about exploring the following:

1. Writing a book. Of what…I’m not sure but it will definitely be a book of poems (yeah I’m a poet guys) or a book of advice. Not tooting my own horn but I really feel the tug to chronicle some of my experiences down (good and bad) so I can help others either not make the mistakes I did, or give them a heads up to save them time on accomplishing goals.writing2

2. Offering creative writing services. I’m a writer. Point blank ANDDDD a period. I used to think that there was nothing fun for a writer to do, but oh how I was mistaken. I’ve realized in the past year or so that I’ve been writing ‘for fun’ all of my life. Stuff that comes ‘easy’ to me may not come with the same ease for everyone else — soooo why not offer services to help someone else!? I’m currently getting things together to offer resume writing services as well as freelance writing on entertainment/fashion. Not sure if anyone knows it but I am also super bomb at building press kits and contributing on marketing efforts if you’re starting a business and have NO CLUE what to say.

What do you guys think? When should I cross the starting line on these brainstorms? Should I even do something like this at all? Will you guys purchase my books if I can offer them for an affordable price?

– Joc


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