Get Knocked Down, Only To Get Up Again.

So it’s crazy how AS SOON as you get a breakthrough, another one of the enemy’s darts come flying for your head…’s everyone’s story. But while most people will say “Well, if it ain’t one thing it’s another”, I CHOOSE to say “Alright, I see you Satan. You trying hard ain’t cha!?” 


The fact of the matter is this: a trial is either directly from the enemy, a consequence of our own folly, or a strengthening test/exercise from God. Regardless how that dart came about flying towards your head, it’s coming. 

That’s how I feel today. After 2 ½ months of struggling creatively, emotionally, and physically, I FINALLY got my breakthrough. Then I got physically ill. THEN literally this week God has been allowing me to be inspired by so much and just when amazing ideas and total peace began flooding my mind ….BAM I get attacked by aches and pains!!!!!! AYYYYYY

Now the average (non believer) would complain, fall apart, and stress out; but as a child and follower of God, I choose to say once again, “Alright, I see you Satan. You trying hard ain’t cha!?” Little does he know, I put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20) EACH AND EVERY DAY so I can be prepared for whatever comes my way. 


It rains on the ‘just’ and the ‘unjust’ – what separates me as a Christian is HOW I react to that rain. I know that some stuff is just going to HAPPEN, but because I make it my duty to stay in my Word, I’m aware that some stuff is a strategic plot to get me off course – because clearly, I’m about to come into yet another harvest season – and by the way these darts are flying….the harvest is going to be some kind of good! 

Stay tuned to hear what’s on the other side of this battle I’m currently fighting!

I’m excited!!!!!!!! 

– Joc



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