Right Before I Die…..

John 12:25

English Standard Version (ESV)

25 Whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.

Last night an acquaintance posted this scripture on her Instagram and asked for input on what it means. A friend also commented on this post and we basically said the exact same thing. If you look at it and read it straight out, this scripture could be a tad confusing; but looking deeper you will understand.


A mutual friend said this: 

“Correct me if I’m wrong here Jocelyn but I do indeed believe He is referring to crucifying your flesh. If you love your life more than anything else (leading your own way and living in sin and not letting God have total control) you will lose your life. But if you hate your life (hating your prideful ways, fornication, doubt, feat, etc) then normally you will end up turning your life over to God so that He can direct you and you can live with Him in eternity, hence keeping your life” 

The young woman who originally posted the question/scripture replied: 

“ [So] what you’re saying is He is saying you should crave eternal life in Heaven so badly that this world should be miserable in comparison?”



I agreed wholly with all of this! If you love your ‘worldly, sinful’ life it will only end up with you being denied at the gates of heaven when it’s all said and done – thus losing out on eternal life. But if you make the decision to ‘walk away from’ and ‘die to’ your sinful life – and live one that’s godly, you’ll have access to eternal life.

This is summed up perfectly in Kirk Franklin’s “Before I Die”.

If you listen to the song on the surface you will think he’s saying before he physically dies here on earth he wants to do all this great stuff – when in fact he’s talking about dying to his flesh in order to live a godly life. Before we can TRULY live, we have to die to our old selves.


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  1. Oh…Yes….We MUST live as HOLY as possible in the sinful world and look forward to going to heaven. Thank You guys!

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