The Man or Woman of Your Dreams — Do They Exist? Not Really

I stopped praying for “the man of my dreams” a long time ago b/c the man God has for me may not be what I ‘think’ I want. Many folks are SO influenced by what they see on tv or in movies & music; they don’t even realize that the “love they heard about on track #8” doesn’t exist! A song or film is merely ONE FEELING drawn out into moving poetry. Love is a journey – you have to work hard at achieving honest love. It’s not as easy as changing the channel or skipping to your favorite track.

Reality #1 – Whether you realize it or not, at some point in your life you’ve listened to a song or seen a movie & said to yourself…self, I want a love like that. Afterwards you found yourself searching for someone who was as close to that as possible — and you only found yourself alone & disappointed bc that person “changed” or they “werent what you thought”

Reality #2 — Half of divorces and break ups happen bc people fail to really KNOW what they want. They rush in to something with someone they feel is close enough to their “dream love” or they end up marrying someone they’ve dated for 7 years but have never really loved them — just gotten used to them. People (including myself at one time in my life) fail to realize that the person you WANT to have is the VERY same person you HAVE to be!

ie/ If you want someone who surprises you, listens to you, does their share of the housework, keeps themselves looking nice —- you are delirious if you are not bringing the same to the table. How are you going to want to date or marry a 10 with an awesome spiritual walk, job, education, sense of humor and you are a 1.5, have a dead in job (IF ONE), dropped out of school bc you didn’t like it, have a short temper, and never like to talk or listen. IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY!

Reality #3 — If you are of the Christian faith, TONS AND TONS of Christians forget to keep God in the love equation. Trillions of Christians in present day have a FORM of godliness and say they want a love that shares their faith in Christ and goes to church. It’s super easy to walk in the church and say you believe in Christ — no biggie, but what people fail to do is truly seek out the BIBLICAL version of what a good man or good woman is. Not just someone who goes through the motions of Christianity, but someone who TRULY has a close walk with God. Who prays, who is attentive during service, who reads the bible for themselves and not take what the pastor says at face value, one who makes sure their witness coorelates with what they’re saying. People are forgetting God and wondering why their relationship is not all they thought it was cracked up to be

Reality #4 — Whoever is reading thie should be convicted in some way or fashion and really take a look at what their “dream guy” or “dream girl” really consists of. Because the fact of the matter is this, I am just a woman sharing her thoughts, and you don’t have to take anything I’ve said here to heart — but if you want a love like the one all these singers and actors have you thinking of — your best bet will be to go to Target, stroll on down to the electronics section, buy you a DVD or a CD, head down to the county courthouse and marry it. Because that is the ONLY way you will ever find something as close to the perfection you are convincing yourself you want. Be realistic. Be willing to work at it. Be wise.

Tis all.

– Joc


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