Robert Zuckerman…a Photographer’s photographer.


I remember it like it was just last week.

It was the summer/fall of my junior year of college, and I was just getting myself up and running as a freelance photographer. I think every creative soul has a point in where they jump body first into a craft that they love….that’s how I was. Even though my work looked like ‘who shot John on a Thursday night’, I was proud because I was finally getting the chance to do something I enjoyed doing. I was on YouTube daily and called around to every local camera store within 100 miles of my university because I wanted to learn, learn learn!! During that time, some of my closet friends traveled NY to try out for Diddy’s “Making His Band”. Needless to say they had a HUGE surprise for me when they got back home from auditions. My friend Greg told me of this ‘dope photographer’ they all met while just walking down the street exploring the city. After some conversation, they told him they had a friend [me] who was interested in photography and he gave them one of his business cards. When I got a hold of the card I ferociously started Googling his site and info.


The super cool photographer they met was Robert Zuckerman…aka the guy who’s photographed for some of the most amazing films/shows/actors to date!

robert2 robert1 robert4 robert5 robert6 ROBERT7 robert8 robert9 robert10 robert11 robert12 robert

I had actually JUST started this my photography blog ( ) for a business class assignment, and decided that I would post about my experience. (I believe it’s still up there if you dig around). I am NOT lying to you good people when I say that I literally cried for like 30 minutes after I got a notification that Robert ACTUALLY saw my post and commented. At first I was honestly expecting something like “Thanks for the post”, but when I saw that he actually took the time to read my post and address me was mind blowing!

For someone just starting out, that was the extra push I needed to see that all professionals aren’t “SOOO professional” that they can’t lend a moment of support for someone up-and-coming. From then on I have followed him and tried to keep in contact.

Well today, I log onto my Facebook and see a post he made speaking on how regardless of the fact that physical ailments have stifled his ability to move around as well as he wishes, and despite the fact that photography jobs he’s been offered aren’t as frequent as in years past — he still topped the (photographer) rankings last week over some of the industry’s most esteemed and talented photographers.

I was all too glad to comment on his post because of all the inspiration he’s provided me without us ever stepping foot in the same room. A photographer will, at most times, stand on the edge of a 10,000 foot ravine if it means getting the perfect shot; so for Mr.Zuckerman to allow his love/knowledge for what he does carry him beyond his physical ‘hiccups’ and continue on with the fight behind the lens is B-A-N-A-N-A-S! I know that since he has been able to fight through the tough times (with the support of family/friends), his future is going to be better than he can ever imagine. His post alone was inspiring in itself; so imagine what other photographers, artists, business people he can inspire with if he continues speaking on his journey and being transparent with his struggles — the possibilities are endless!

I really do pray that God touches his body so that even when he runs into a tough day…he’ll have the superhuman strength to coast on through it like it was merely a day at the beach!

Please follow and support this tremendously talented photographer!

– Joc


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