9 Things About Joc (via FB)

9 things about Joc (yes I did it too):

1.)I have a VP shunt and half of my brain is technically squished to one side.

2.)The last time I was in a serious romantic relationship was about 2 1/2 -3 years ago….but I’m starting to get back out there. haha

3.)My day usually consists of waking up, going to my office job, getting off, and going to work my other 2 jobs.

4.)I wear a commitment ring as an outward symbol of my celibacy.

5.)I have the greatest, most charismatic, and hilarious goddaughter ever! I love Boo London!

6.)It is one of my hearts’ deepest desires is to birth my own children; even though it could put my life at risk.

7.)I miss the days when I was an 80z Phre$h hipster.

8.)When I don’t have anything else to talk about I say “yep yep”

9.)I have the most understanding friends and family in the world & am so blessed God has chosen to share them with me!


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