Creative Writing + Social Media = My New Media Consulting Business

So I think it’s finally time to go on and announce that I am looking into starting my own Media Consulting business.
I will mainly focus on small businesses and non profits (pay it forward) and will offer some of the following:
– Resume Critique and Writing
– Website Copywriting
– Blog Creation/Maintenance
– Press Kit and Press Release Copywriting
– Social Media Marketing(including FB,Twitter,& LinkedIn)
If you are a small business owner, in business for yourself, or work with a non profit….building, creating, and keeping up your website, profiles, and social media can be TIRING! Add in the task of bringing in new clients & your mind is probably going to EXPLODE!!! — Why not stay sane & leave the heavy work to me!
Are you an up & coming music artist? Are you a graphic designer, photographer, or creative professional? Are you a small business owner?
I’m taking on/quoting potential clients now!
***As a BONUS, I will provide your first resume, LinkedIn or Marketing consultation for FREE! | Email:**


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