Stop weeping over the people that left you….

“Stop weeping over the people that left you. They must decrease from your life that Christ may increase in your life!” – Bishop T.D. Jakes


I want to start this post off by typing “BISHOP, YOU BETTA PREACH!”

If you are a Christian over the age of 18 you can probably identify with how I feel because you’ve been there…done that…and shot the film!

jakesThere were SOOOO many times in my life where people flipped the script on me and little ole naïve Jocelyn thought it was something wrong with her. I hate to say it but it’s true. I’ve had friends who I thought were probably going to be right beside me at my wedding; and then out of nowhere, they walked out of my life. And I’m not lying or tooting my own horn when I tell you that EVERY SINGLE ONE of those people who did me wrong have come back across my path — humbled.

Because I had great Christian guides (my parents), I learned to buck up , get my little cry out, pick myself up, and keep it moving.

Just take a moment to think on a best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, or even family member that has betrayed you in some way.  Yes you loved and cared for them; but think about your life BEFORE they walked away and think about your life AFTER. If you can say life got better….if you can say opportunities and blessings started to drop in your lap more frequently….if you can say you felt happier, lighter, and better about yourself – it was God who removed those folk from your life so He could help guide you into the purpose that He has for you. If you don’t get anything else I’ve said here, never forget this….if you have a destiny ordained by God (and all of us do), He will separate you from people or things you otherwise wouldn’t separate yourself from.


I mean if you truly take the time to think about it, there were people in your past who are no good for you. You may have even KNOWN IT; but you still tried to hold on and hope something would change.

God tries to save us the trouble and have the OTHER PARTY walk away…but if we are stubborn and kick, and scream instead of letting them go…God will take His hand and FORCE a separation that most times hurts a lot worse than it would if we would have let them walk on out of our lives.

Instead of that guy you’re with saying “this isn’t going to work” – you hold on, get pregnant AND then dumped after it’s all said and done. Instead of letting that shady business partner go into business for themselves, you try to hold on end up getting thousands of dollars stolen AND YOUR name tarnished because you  are doing business with that person.tornapart

When I think about those people that were cut out of my life (and being totally honest here) I probably wouldn’t have distanced myself away from them if THEY didn’t walk out of my life first. As sad as it sounds, it’s true. I loved my friends. I really cared for those boyfriends. I wanted to do business with those people…but God knew that somewhere down the line if I stayed hooked up to those people, I would never grow as close to Him as I have now. He knew that I would only settle with the world’s good things instead of His best. HECK YEAH it hurt to be apart from some of those people, but years down the line I look at where I am ….and I look at where there are and all I can do is……..…

EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Somebody CUE THE ORGAN! II-III-I-II need some feet stomping!!!!! THANK YA LORD!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!

……..Whew…please forgive me. Had to get a cyber praise break in real quick! But you get what I’m saying?! I would be one sorry excuse for a woman if I stayed hooked up to those friends I was getting drunk with, or that good for nothing boyfriend I was laid up with, or that business partner who was ghetto and bootlegged as all get out.

As you go forward with you life, really meditate and think about what Bishop Jakes said and APPLY IT.  Stop weeping over that boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife that cheated on you and left you. Stop weeping over that ‘so called friend’ who did you wrong 20 years ago. Stop weeping over that mother or father who abandoned you. At the end of the day, what the enemy meant for evil…The Father meant for YOUR good. Every experience is a stepping stone; and it’s up to US to take those stones and place them upon one another so we can climb higher and higher towards our purpose. If we spend too much time crying over those “stones” that were thrown at us…God can’t  give us the strength to pick them up and build Himself up inside of us.

Ya’ll have a goodnight.

(and excuse any typos…I’m just getting done for the night and I’ve got to get up at 6 something to make an early meeting)

–          Joc


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