CLOSURE. Do You Really Need It?

This past week I saw a post that definitely spoke to me from AJ Johnson’s INSTAGRAM page. For those of you who don’t know, AJ is the actress that played Jody’s mom on “Baby Boy” and Sidney’s friend Sharane in House Party”. She essentially gave up acting a few years ago and followed her calling of health, fitness, and awareness. At 50 (if you see her you won’t believe it) she drops knowledge every day on her Insta or AlrightTV Youtube Channel that speaks to being a healthier person physically and mentally. AJJOHNSON

But back to the point. The post AJ made (seen here) spoke to the subject of CLOSURE. Let’s face it. Most of us are wired to believe that in order for us to properly move on from an issue or person, we need to have at least of smidge of it. AJ, interestingly enough, called attention to the fact that we don’t always need it to move on; that sometimes LACK of “proper” closure is God’s way of closing the door for us. When I read this I had to honestly sit and reflect on the times in my life where I didn’t get the closure I wanted to get from a situation and of how it bugged me so bad that I didn’t receive it. 


 The AJ Johnson in my mind replied, “YEP! You better believe it baby girl!” 

I know as an adult that there will simply be times where you don’t get the closure you want and have to accept it; but looking at a “cliff hanger” situation from the point that God has spiritually closed it FOR you is mind blowing! It’s like the hugest OHHHHHHH-moment I’ve had in a while. It all makes sense now!

 That boyfriend that fell off the face of the earth back in college, the job I applied for in where I never did get that ‘call back’ , that friend that I had a blow up with back in high school……in all of those situations, I never got the chance to physically sit down or call and talk to iron out the “whys” and the “hows” and clearly determine the “what nows”. It irked me for the longest and eventually, I had no choice but to get over it. Even today I have no clue if some of those people are even still alive or if that job is still open. But some of those ‘cliff hanger’ folks and I have had the opportunity to cross paths years down the road and simply closed everything with a nod

but now more than ever I know that God had His hand in every situation.


Just think if I would’ve still been with that ‘guy’ – I probably would’ve never found out that he was a hoe and kept dating him. That in turn would’ve probably exposed me to embarassment, AIDS/HIV/STDS or even pregnancy. WHEW SO glad God closed that door for me! What about that high school friend with whom I never spoke to after we had a huge blow up? I could’ve gone to their house and confronted them instead of letting it be. Who knows what could’ve happened or what jail we’d be in. haha Thanks to God spiritually closing that door, years passed before I saw them again and instead of reacting in the heat of the moment (like we probably would have back in school), we were older, wiser, and were able to actually carry on a decent convo then go on our way. OH and that job offer that I never got a call back from…it all worked out because instead of sitting and waiting around for an opportunity, God inspired me spiritually and incited my hands to create my own opportunity and now I’m in the process of launching my own business venture.


So for all of you reading this post, how about take 3-5 minutes to reflect on a time where you felt like you never got the closure you were searching for.

1) Write it down on a scrap piece of paper or word document.

2) Now take a few extra minutes to think about how your life would be if you got ‘the closure you were seeking’.

Would it really have made a positive difference in your life? Would it really have made your day that much better to have a clear cut answer? Would you be a better person if you had been able to get that closure?


Now take a quick look at your life now…the one WITHOUT physical closure.

Are you really that bad off because you never got the answers YOU were looking for? Did a better opportunity come along that made you forget the person or opportunity that ‘left you hanging’ in the past? Aren’t you glad that God took care of it for you?


I pray this speaks to someone because it SHO did (and yes, I said sho) speak to me. The next time someone ‘leaves me hanging’ I will not only take it in stride, but thank God for saving me the energy. After all, who has time for mess?! Not I; and neither should YOU?


– Joc




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15 responses to “CLOSURE. Do You Really Need It?

  1. Yes Joc, YES! This was dead on! Thank for this post 🙂

  2. Gee

    Deep-awesome words of wisdom. Spoken like a true God Chaser !!!

  3. Thanks Joc. That was awesome reading that. I never thought of closure like that. I’m glad you tagged me in IG for this article.

  4. Thanks Joc really needed to read that. I never knew that about closure before. Thanks for the tagging me on IG to get my attention. Keep writing sis and I know God will def take you places.

  5. Very true!!! I’m going through that myself right now after ending a 8 year relationship. He actually ended it on his terms because he knew it was coming, but was leading me on. When I told him I needed closure to leave him to his emptier life without me, I got it- over the phone. Not the same, but it will have to do because God definitely moved him away from me!! Goodbye and Good life! Keep it movin’, Robyn!!

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  8. Great post!! I can definitely think of instances in my life I can/will apply this to!

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