After Waiting 7 Years, I Finally Got To See Janelle Monae In Concert!

Last night was beyond epic!


BACKGROUND: For most of you who know me personally, I have changed drastically from the young, partying college girl I once was, to the more sensible, Christ led woman I am now. With this change came a huge struggle. If you knew me back in my college days, I and the girls I rolled with were as close to the ‘life of the party’ as you could get! I was extraverted, loved being around people, and would be up for almost anything silly. Since getting more serious about my Christ walk as an adult, I have learned that with wisdom comes knowing what you can and can NOT handle. I loved to dance. I was a partier. I was a social drinker. Not because I HAD to be at a particular party/club; but because I loved being around people. Unfortunately, all the dumb decisions I’ve ever made during college were made while I was under the influence of Mr.Skyy, Mr.Goose, or Mrs.Burnetts. THEREFORE, I don’t club now because I know that the probability of me drinking or getting back into the old swing of things is highly probable.


BACK TO NOW –>  Not only am I selective in where I go; but what type of music I listen to also applies. I LOOOOOOOVE music so pretty much everything in my life is associated with a song or era of sound. These days I mostly listen to Gospel/Contemporary Christian music, but one gal I don’t mind perking an ear up to is Janelle Monae aka The Electric Lady bka Cindi Mayweather!


Last night I had the opportunity to cash in on an experience I’ve been waiting on for since 2006 ….2-0-0-6 you hear me?! With my little brother Rich at my side, we dance like our lives depended on it at the NC stop of Q.U.E.E.N.S ‘Electric Lady Tour’ and BOY ‘Cindi’ did not disappoint! From the moment I saw “that girl” in 2006 who put her crinkly fro into the same poofy bouffant my mom made me wear for 4th grade picture day…I was sold. Big Boi saw into the future when he put her in that Morris Brown video. Ever since then I’ve been following Janelle and her music.


 I don’t think I have ever in life been to a concert (Christian or secular) where the artist came back for not 1….not 3…BUT FOUR encore performances! I mean last night’s concert was truly an experience. I can rock with Janelle because many of her songs speak on being yourself and self expression. Now mind you, I don’t agree with ALL of her views on certain subjects, but for the most part I can still roll with her.


But enough of my ramblings…check out a compilation of pics!

IMG_20131120_111455 IMG_20131120_012034 IMG_20131120_110821

–         Joc



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