NEW AUTHOR ALERT! “Memories of My Mommy” by Peaches Dean!

Today I really wanted to share you all the amazing-ness that is Peaches Dean! She’s a friend, client, and spectacular woman all wrapped into one! Last year I had the pleasure of photographing her author’s “corner” photos for her upcoming book “Memories of My Mommy”.


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Before and during our shoot, she gave me the breakdown of what inspired her to write the book and who the book was for. This is what she had to say: 

The book is for every girl and even every woman who has lost their mother. [The book is] suitable for boys [as well], but I really want to target young girls ages 4-12. Even though I condensed my very own healing process [into] a 10 page children’s book, it took me almost a year to write it! It was a very uprooting and hurtful/painful process. peaches2

I was 14 when I lost my mother and didn’t begin to heal from it until I was 23. I didn’t even realize how her death alone negatively impacted my relationship with women… and even men. [Since I’ve experienced the loss of my mother and can witness to how God can help heal you], I want to help [other] children [to] trust God to heal them from [any] family deaths they may experience [in their lifetime]. My book will include a small journal section in the back to help children [be interactive in their healing] and remain positive [while working through] the loss of their mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, or anyone who was near and is near to their heart. “Memories of My Mommy” is only the beginning! 

From the moment she broke everything down to me, I realized just how strong she is; not only for living through such a traumatic experience, but GROWING from it. Being of the Christian faith myself, I know that one of the main attributes that separates us from the rest of the world is HOW we react to events in our lives. Where most people would go crazy, kill someone, or turn to a life of crime…Peaches (while admittedly struggling) ultimately turned to God and allowed Him to heal her from the inside out. He didn’t just put a ‘band-aid’ on it like most of us would do as humans; but He truly healed her AND IS STILL healing her. And perhaps what I love THE MOST about her entire process, is that instead of saying “ok, this has happened to me, thanks Lord for healing me. Amen” – she is taking what she has learned and turned into a physical form of medicine that can help COUNTLESS numbers of other children who may not know God yet or who may be having a hard time coping.

 Ms. Dean has been working tirelessly for over a year to SELF PUBLISH her book and the time has arrived for the world to support and be healed in the process.


 Her book “Memories of My Mommy” will be released no later than December 16th, 2013.

So be on the lookout!

It’s not too late to help support Peaches’ efforts !!!


Visit and [LIKE] the Official

“Memories Of My Mommy Facebook Page: 

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