LOVE in the Wintertime? Engagements, Marriages, and BABIES!

winterSo it seems as though the winter is the time that people want to get engaged, married, and babies want to be born! So many of my friends and old classmates have been basking in love this season with surprise proposals, winter weddings, and stork announcements!

This is making me so excited – not because I’m necessarily ‘ready’ for my turn, but because this means we are all legitimately grown!


Think back to when you were like 4 or 5 years old. Don’t you remember saying, “When I grow up (blah blah blah)”? Or how about when you were in middle and high school saying, “When I go to college and start working (blah blah blah)”? Heck, even think back to a few months ago when you said, “By the time I’m( this age), I plan to (blah blah blah)”?

Well all these milestones are reading – NEWSFLASH!! YOU ARE A GROWN UP!

Por ejemplo….we’re only three days into December and two of my friends (whose lives are already similar) had their lives parallel EVEN MORE!

Similarity #1 They both have a similar appearance

Similarity #2 They are both super talented musicians who love people

Similarity #3 They are both married and have wives who support their dreams

Similarity #4 They not only have 2 daughters, but had them both before the age of 30

Similarity #5 Their second daughters were born 1 day apart

Similarity #6 …..well I’m out right now, but there will be more. Lol


I never thought the cold, winter months could kick out so much warmth and produce so much love! To all of your thinking of getting engaged or married or expanding your family – I celebrate you! ❤

– Joc


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