Christians Who Don’t Read The Bible?! — SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE…

I logged onto Facebook today and saw that one of my Facebook friends had this as his status:

Question: How are you a Christian and haven’t read the Bible? I am not a Christian, but I understand that reading the bible is not necessary to be a Christian, but if these teachings are what you base your life and soul on….wouldnt you atleast read the book???

Even though I love the Lord with everything in me and am a saved, Bible reading/studying Christian believer; I had to respect this man’s questioning.

For the most part, I try not to get into the mix when it comes to debates, and that’s mainly because I know it’s better to show God through how I live THEN discuss scripture; as opposed to smacking someone in the face with the Bible when they already have a hard time believing.

I also realize that while some Christians may have taken offense to this guy’s status, I took it as a ‘wake up call’. For someone who is not even of the Christian faith to understand that you need to read the bible for yourself while there are self proclaiming Christians out here who DON’T is beyond tragic.

After initially reading my Facebook friend’s status, I took a look down at the comments section and saw something else.

A guy named Josh responded:

Christians= People who worship a guy that was Jewish + celebrate a pagan holiday by bringing a dead tree into their house (Saturnalia). None of it makes sense. It’s just a collection of pieces from previous religions, rolled into one religion.  The hilarious part is that some these people that believe in a all knowing being that’s waiting to judge them are the same people that go out doing wild things on a Saturday night and think it’s all good as long as they go to church Sunday morning. Like an all powerful being wouldn’t realize they’re just trying to buy their way into heaven. Lol.

This is exactly why our witness (as Christians) is so important as well!!!! If we profess one thing and do another – whether we think it’s fair or not — we are not representing our faith in a positive light.


Don’t straddle the fence.

Now the other stuff that Josh guy was talking about ridiculing Christianity is just mess. I am very sure in my belief in Christ and if someone would just take the time to explain things to him, he would know that Christians aren’t Christians because of Jesus’ ethnicity, we follow His teachings which transcend all ethnicities and culture.

But I digress.

 I want all of the Christians reading this post to really pause for a moment and answer these questions TRUTHFULLY in your mind or on a scratch sheet of paper:

  1. Do you know the name of at least 3 songs by your favorite music artist?

  2. Can you spit out at least a handful of facts about that artist’s life?

  3. Are you familiar with the 2012-2014 collections of your favorite clothing line or designer?

  4. Do you know at least 2 lines from your favorite movie?

If you can say ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you can probably do so because you follow these artists and films. The key word is FOLLOW. If you like J.Cole, Rihanna, or Katy Perry as artists; you’re going to follow their music. If you like Eric Jerome Dickey or Toni Morrison’s writing style; you’re going to follow their work and read their books. If you believe in continuing what Martin Luther King Jr. or Nelson Mandela fought for; you’re going to read up about them and study their lives. As Christians, we should treat our faith in the same manner.


The definition of a Christian is: “a follower of Christ; one who knows Christ as their personal Savior/the Messiah; a person who believes in the teachings of Christ; a person who lives in a Christ-like manner.”

The Bible – “a collection of texts that, amongst other accounts, contain the teachings of Christ.”

If we put that together, it would make a lot of sense to believe that a Christian (who is a follower of Christ) would read/study His teachings and know a few things about how He taught us to live. Even if they don’t read it every day.


Unfortunately, as that Josh fellow pointed out, there are people who claim to be Christians (followers of Christ), but can’t even recall at least one of His teachings/parables, or know why the children of Israel were in the desert for so long, or that adultery is very much a sin as gossiping is, or know that Ruth was the great-grandmother of King David thus making her part of the lineage of Jesus.

Though I make it a point and enjoy reading the Bible daily, I’m not going to give you the side eye if you don’t. BUT…if you are a Christian who hasn’t read at least one chapter of the Bible all year, you are contributing to the negative views of Christianity that these two men on Facebook see. Christians, we have got to do better. I know it’s challenging, and it may seem like it’s going to cramp your lifestyle – but point blank, we’ve got to make sure we are doing everything in our power to glorify the name of Christ.

Read your bible regularly (at least once a week), don’t just attend church for the heck of it – actually listen, put God first in your schedule, shoot even if it means resisting that booty call at 3am in the morning – do whatever you have to do to make sure you are showing Christ’s light. You should want non-believers to look at you and say, “Hmm he’s/she’s not like the other Christians I see running around here, maybe there is something to this Christ following thing.”

If you are a Christian who doesn’t believe you need to read the bible AT ALL or watch how you live your life; know this: people will often notice our actions before they even hear us speak a word.

ps. Before I even get challenged on how much I know the Bible by recall — just know that while I can’t recite scripture backwards and forwards, I do study the bible every day and my goal IS to get to that place where I can. I read the Bible so I can grow.

Be blessed,

– Jocelyn


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One response to “Christians Who Don’t Read The Bible?! — SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE…

  1. Very well expressed to those out there that question Christians. Our bible contains the teachings of Jesus who we adore,believe and worship.

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