Brother, 5, of girl who was starved to death by mother, brought food to her funeral ‘so his sister could eat in heaven’

(Story via / Original Published date: 7 June 2012)

This morning I read an article from last year about a mother who literally starved and beat her 4 year daughter TO DEATH! According to the article ( you can read it here: ) the little girl, who was born prematurely, spend 3 1/2 years of her life in the hospital until the last 7 months when she was allowed to come home and live with her mother. Instead of nursing her little one back to health, the girl instead was apparently beaten in front of her older brother and was eventually found dead, tied by jump ropes to her tiny bed and beaten all over.


You can read the rest of the article to get the details but I just couldn’t help but cry out a prayer for the entire family! Children — rather planned or note — are yours. You have a responsibility to take care of them and raise them because you in essence are responsible for another person in society. If you neglect them early on, they can grow up negatively affected by that neglect and become murderers, or rapists, or sociopaths. If that mother felt as though she simply couldn’t take care of another child, she should have given the girl up for adoption or notified the hospital before they sent her home.

Have a child that needs special care can be taxing at times and it is WORK! But if you love your child and are willing to step up to the task, then you will be able to handle it.

What makes this story even more sad, is that the older brother who witnessed the beatings is going to need spiritual and emotional counseling because not only did he lose his sister, he lost his mom (who was sentenced to life) and his grandmother (who was sentenced to 15 yrs for manslaughter).

Even though this happened last summer, we still need to pray. Pray for everyone! If you notice someone having a hard time coping with parenthood, reach out and try to help — you never know whose life it could save.

– Joc


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