“Year In Review – 2013” – from the heart of Joc






“Year In Review – 2013”

The parlance of my year has gone a little like this… 

I begin. 

January brought expectations of restoration from past hurts and failures

While the next 28 days of love brought the same ole same ole.

— but I’m not trippin.

March brought a few professional changes that put a pin to my pen and paper;

while the month that brought forth my birth

birthed a new logic of what true friendship really is.


Mother’s month highlighted the queen to my queen;

aligning up with the consistency of her love and enduring care.

Oh and June?

Death sparked my heart to open up just a little more than before,

while July doused flames of sky lit lullabies, reducing them to nothing but

smoldering embers.


August —

Touches from its breeze are still fresh on my skin,

the calm before the spin

down a bottle of



The next few weeks invoked freedom from demons

Even though secrets still attempt to hang on for dear [life]…

The month with hollow faces brought a sweet sense of


While the second to last stirred up a

confidence and renewal.


…And here I am.

Writ in hand,

Ready to walk into the rest of my future.


Tattooed on my [Left] is a reminder…

To not fall for past hurts because

the heart that’s made to love me is on [his] way.

Etched in my soul is the determination and passion to reflect

no one but the [One] who saved me.

Behind the lenses of my eyes lies a resilience and faith

that will not back down.

On my back are the bruises from swindlers and abusers,

— they are all healed up now.


Under my feet is the red carpet prophesying to the stellar prospects that lie ahead.

Knock, knock.

I’m walking in.


– from the heart of Joc


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