This Business Thing….I Started Early.

Just randomly thinking as I prepare to launch my Media Consulting Business — I’ve actually been dabbling in my own thing for a while now!

In the 3rd grade, I used to gather small ziplock bags and mix KoolAid packs with sugar and sell them in between class.

In the 4th grade I used to make keychain strings and sell them DURING class.

In the 5th & 6th grade I published my own pre-teen magazine. And by publish I mean copy & paste photos from off line, write my own captions and mini articles, and use about 1 ream of my parent’s computer paper printing a million copies to hand out to my friends.

In high school I would buy the big bags of candy, chips, and sodas from the store and sell them by my car after school.

In college I used to dj, bartend (forgive me saints, yes I have a, photograph, and write papers to make extra spending money.

I think it’s safe to say by now, I’m a BONAFIDE hustler!

– Joc


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