Why You Shouldn’t Tease Someone For Being Poor

For those of you who personally know me, I don’t condone profanity because of my renewed Christian walk, but I felt the need to post this video. In this video a girl (in the gray tights)  and her friends are teasing and taunting ONE particular girl (in the white pants) because she doesn’t have expensive clothes or shoes. I mean they really go so far as to have some people follow along side the group in a car — all the girl being picked on is trying to do is to get home.

For a good amount of the video, the bully runs her mouth like a fat rat bragging about $200 dollar KD’s (that she probably didn’t even buy herself) — she and her “posse” even go so far as to tell the less than fortunate girl to “Get off that poor ****, and get on that money ****”!


REALLY GIRL?!?! REALLY?!?! This is beyond disgusting and it shows how hard we really need to seriously be praying for the next generation! I never thought I’d be saying this before the age of 30, but these kids need to wake up and get somewhere in a book and SIT DOWN!!!  Call me old fashioned or whatever else you can think of, but it’s true! All it appears the generation after me sees is “WORLDSTAR” and the songs that are out now are nothing but empty lyrics littered with trash! I know music was “bad” when I was coming along in the late 80s and 90s, but DOGGONE IT, at least it had some substance to it! It wasn’t just mindless, auto tuned club records talking about “twerk this & racks & drank in my cup” — now don’t get me wrong, we DID have some of that out, but it wasn’t EVERY SINGLE ARTIST doing it.

Needless to say, I won’t get into whether or not the bully deserved what she got at the end, but it should cause folks to realize what’s important. If you want to get technical, that bully wasn’t hitting on much with her old tired, stretched out tights and plain jane jacket. It seems as though as long as it’s a name brand, some people of COLOR (yes I said it) will buy ANYTHING! Even if it’s a $50 tube of lip gloss in a color that they think is hideous, they’ll spend their last and let people know what brand it is every chance they get.

Enough of my rant (which I’ll probably continue later) ….watch it for yourself.


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