Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr!

I remember growing up — EVERY SINGLE YEAR – without fail we would watch a documentary (never knew the name of it – it was probably something from PBS) in every class and in Sunday school at church. The movie served as a story book of his life while incorporating small interviews with culture’s most famous musicians, activists, actors, and leaders around at the time. It was to the point that I knew almost every segment backwards and forwards and never got tired of it.

Fast forward to today, some kids (sadly enough) believe that the Civil Rights Era was a bit of movie magic spun up by some film executive in Hollywood.

No. It was 100 percent real.

While some of us may have grown tired of having to recite black history facts and doing MLK plays — it had it’s positive effect on us. Though some people in my generation may be dealing drugs, in jail, single parents, or whatever — we knew about MLK Jr!

So on this day that we celebrate the man and the preacher, let’s push forward and continue his efforts. Though we have MILES AND MILES to go, the Promised Land is clearly before us.


– Joc


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