photo 2After interviewing amazing women in the entertainment and fashion industry last year for WEEN (check my work here ) I was inspired in more ways than I could EVER imagine! While interviewing one young woman in particular, I was introduced to the concept of a “vision board”. She said she made one every year to make her goals physical and visible to reminder to keep grinding and to work hard. Now I’ve done something similar to this, but never really took it to heart. You know, the list that you make in your notebook of “to do” goals. Yeah. Totally didn’t work. haha

So when I started to wrap up last year, I thought, why not see if some of my closest “movers and shakers” – aka friends – would be open to having a Vision Board Party where we could bounce ideas off of each other, celebrate each other, and make Vision Boards to take home and be inspired by.

When I ran this by my good friend Rich, he reacted to it in the very same way that I’d been hoping! He said he heard of vision boards before and always wanted to try his hand in making one, but never got around to it. Within a week, we had a Facebook Invite set up to invite 5 of our closest friends. We originally set it up for December at Rich’s apartment, but due to schedule conflicts we kept pushing it back. Well this past weekend we FINALLY cashed in on things and it was perfect! One of our friends had a death in her family so she wasn’t able to make it, but we made sure to send her something special in the mail to let her know that we were missing 1

During the night, we laughed, vibed to music, discussed important issues dealing with people of color, young entrepreneurs, pop culture, and our future. We snacked and talked for hours — and when we were all done, we each stood up and explained what each thing on our respective vision boards symbolized. BOY OH BOY — do I have some powerhouses in MY circle! I have to honestly say that I am so proud of, excited of, and grateful to have these people close to me. It really makes the difference when you have friends who not only support you, but keep you in check when you start to lose ‘vision’. 

Most people have friends who celebrate them when they do foolish things or partake in sketchy behavior, but not the people I associate with. NO SIR! NO MAAM! We are all Christ led, serious about our futures, and are set up to prosper. We aren’t sleeping around with every Tom and Tracy…we aren’t out here slinging drugs or tail….we aren’t wasting our money, blowing it on drinks and the club every weekend — we save…we invest….we are the leaders on tomorrow…shoot, we are the leaders of NOW!

Well enough chatting…gotta go make some more moves! If you have friends who are close enough and focused enough to have a Vision Board Party I suggest you throw one this year! Your future self will thank you for it!

– Joc


Check out the rest of the photos (mostly by Rashaad)  in my next post at

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