GOALdigger Preview Session – Roderick King (Producer)

While growing up in Wilson, NC; producer/musician Roderick King was made to believe that stepping out of the “small town box” wasn’t something he should risk doing. “Growing up in a small town [there] was [always] the fear of change and being different [floating around; but when you branch out and do something that] involves creativity, [you can’t always] do the same thing [somebody else is doing.] What’s wrong with being different?!”

Taking that desire to be “different”, Roderick surrounded himself with like minded youngsters who pushed him to be greater. “My influences growing up actually were the musicians that I hung around in high school: Demetrius McCray, Brandon Farmer, Gregory Cox, Ricky ‘Tank’ Daughtridge, and Jamareo Artis. They always [pushed] me to go beyond [what I thought I could do] and [encouraged me] to gain a better understanding of [my musical skills.]” After graduating high school, the budding producer found himself working with other like minded music lovers such as Brindin Taylor and fellow Wilson native, Brandon Farmer.

397110_1437592905425_1353158911_nThinking about your early musical influences, can you still see those influences in your music today? As far as my musical influences NOW, the only person that influences me from [my hometown] group is Brandon Farmer. There are bands that I listen to like Snarky Puppy and Mint Condition [who I get a little inspiration from]; but overall, I’d have to say that [my sound is a little ‘Skrillex’ right now]. 

A few years ago, you left your home town of Wilson and moved to California. What has been most rewarding about making that move? My whole move to Cali has been one big reward! I’ve joined a ministry, Zoe Faith Fellowship, and it has been GREAT! My Pastor Eric Williams is a spiritual father sent from God. This man has greatly influenced my life. We travel, eat a lot of great food – it’s SO awesome! I believe it’s the best thing that has happened to and for me. 21159_1730271422205_1013311694_n

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? How would your describe your musical style and signature? In the next year [actually], I see myself seriously working with mainstream artists. I believe my skills are developing to the point where I can handle the pressure. My musical style would be “I don’t have one”. [laughs] I create music where people will be like “Oh…I know who made that one!” or “that sounds like a Rod beat!” I don’t like to box myself into a category, but if I did, I would say “hip-hop trappy R&B” [laughs] (yes I made that up!) 

If you weren’t pursuing music, what would you be doing? If I wasn’t pursuing music then I would have gone to school for computer science or engineering. 

What’s another talent you have besides music? I’m a comedian, I can act, cook and I am great at fixing things.

Interview by: Jocelyn Drawhorn

Photos by:  Marc Lorenz & Z4L Photography


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