QOTD: African Americans and/or Christians Tend To Steer Clear of Therapy

Good morning! While I’m inside recuperating from a battle with this snowy weather, one of my friends posted this as their Facebook status:

 QOTD: African Americans and/or Christians tend to steer clear of therapy…but what are the pros and cons (if any)?

There were plenty of intriguing responses, but after thinking about the question for a few seconds, I looked at therapy as and overall pro. I, being of the Christian faith and having a close relationship with God, definitely advise others to seek God first. AFTER we seek God, He may lead us to someone (who is not our pastor) who He’s gifted a particular set of skills (aka therapy) that can help our hearts to open and allow Him to come in and truly heal us to the core.

I am TOTALLY all for therapy if it’s needed. A lot of the time we forget that God GIVES us these psychologists and psychiatrists with these particular gifts to ultimately help us. We [as African American Christians] shouldn’t feel like we are dousing our faith by seeking help outside of a pastor. There are some traumatic experiences that if not addressed properly, can really manifest in nasty ways down the road. I have seen it happen first hand. This is why some people end up being rapists, murderers, narcissists, sociopaths, thieves, and gang members. Something traumatic that has happened in their lives (or they developed a mental illness that) was not addressed properly; thus leading them down a path of destruction. We can read our Word (aka the Holy Bible), seek spiritual council, and CONVINCE ourselves that we are fine; but if we don’t truly FACE the issue in order to FIX it, then we are essentially closing our hearts up tight and God is locked out and we don’t allow Him to heal us.

Yes some of the cons may be the high costs, privacy concerns, travel, and the time we may need to take away from work or family; but ultimately God wants us to be healed. And if He blesses us with the funds and the time to be able to participate in therapy or counseling sessions; then by all means, use what God has given you!

– Joc


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One response to “QOTD: African Americans and/or Christians Tend To Steer Clear of Therapy

  1. Amen! As our bodies require healing,and our minds can require the same to be rounded and happy…..Pray and then seek counseling,

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