I Just Need To Write — ALL FOR HIS GLORY

Everything I’ve done in the last 3 years may look like it was done because JOCELYN is making moves for JOCELYN. While this is true in part, everything I do is all for God’s glory. Every photo taken, every business move made, every project completed has been done and will continue to be done in order to fulfill my life’s purpose. My life’s purpose is much like yours – to show Christ’s light and inspire others to do the same.

I want to live in a way where people look at my life, view where I’ve come from, and find themselves empowered and encouraged that the same favor that’s on my life is the same favor they have access to if they serve and live a life that’s pleasing to the one true God.

I’ve made some terrible decision in my past because I was trying to create the life that I thought I wanted and deserved – with my own mind – but when I realized that thinking like this was only leading to my demise, I began to change and allowed my will to line up with God’s will for my life. I’m not perfect by A LONG SHOT, but I have sense enough to know that God’s plans supersede my plans ANY DAY!

I realize that forfeiting my will means I may not get every career opportunity that I WANT, my love life may not develop as quickly as I WANT it to, I may not even make the money I WANT right now, but that’s alright.

Over time, I started to look at my life as a ruler. My life is a ruler and God holds it in His hands. Because I’m living along the length of ‘this ruler’, I can only see what’s behind me, and what’s immediately before me; God has the ability to see it all. What I struggle to see on my own, my Heavenly Father can see with one glance and knows the right time for each event that needs to take place.

So with that being said….when you hear about the successes of Next Up Media Consulting, Inc. and Joc’s Photography – when I move to the city of my dreams – when I finally announce that I’m getting married (glory Father), you will know that all of it was made possible because of God’s grace and favor in my life.

Now a word of encouragement for you.

If YOU are living a life and making moves for the glory of God, it doesn’t matter if ANYONE speaks manners of evil against what you’re doing; let the peace of God assist you in turning your cheek, because that is nothing but hate and misery aka a ploy of the enemy to get you off track from your journey of prosperity. If you would develop and nurture your ability to keep pushing forward, it will all pay off. As a child of God you are predestined for greatness. Don’t let darts from the enemy to knock you off your rocker. Keep living a life that’s pleasing to God, take your own personal emotions out of the equation, and continue towards greatness.

That’s what I plan on doing!

Flood of thoughts by – Joc


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