Megz Meals presents….THE HAPPY CONTEST!

Hey there! I have been waiting to post this since yesterday!

I am super excited about what Megan Ashley of MEGZ MEALS is cooking up! (pun intended) She announced this week that she was sponsoring “The Happy Contest”.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Pharrell’s “Happy” is booming from speakers EVERYWHERE, reminding people all over the world to stay happy! Megz wants YOU to be healthy AND happy, so she’s giving us all an opportunity to get the best of both worlds. Megan is a private chef who focuses on curating really tasty, healthy options for her clients. Her office is bi-coastal and this woman knows what she’s doing!

Take a few moments to watch the video entire video — laugh, get inspired, and enter!

The prizes are OFF THE CHAIN!

Good luck (because I’m entering too. haha)

– Joc



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3 responses to “Megz Meals presents….THE HAPPY CONTEST!

  1. WOW!! I totally missed this!! But thank you SSSOOO much for sharing!!

  2. Looking forward to healthy hints for everyday meals!

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