God Is A Pro At Giving!

Before I say anything, I want you to know that I am not one who is for flashing EVERY good thing that happens to you on social media – as some things should be celebrated privately or held until the appropriate time; but this is NOT one of those moments. 

To give you a brief recap of who I am and what I do, I am a 20-something entrepreneur who has/is doing the following:

– worked in the insurance industry for 10 years

– freelanced in photography for almost 8 years and counting

– recently launched a media consulting business (Next Up Media Consulting, Inc)

– a woman God, a follower of Christ, future wife/mother, resilient innovator, semi-eclectic self professed creative, & lover of people

Now that you’ve brushed up on who I am and what I do, you will find it easy to believe that, I am one who will work hard to get to where I need to be. With that being said, insurance is something that I am good at by skill, but it’s not something I’ve always wanted to do. As a creative, I thrive on art, expression, connection, and well….creating! My employer and my customers are what keeps me going throughout the day. It’s a challenge servicing thousands of policies and being 5 people at once; but this job pays my bills and creates an environment where I can fund my dreams and goals. 

YES I lose sleep. YES I sacrifice healthy eating and gym time (I’m getting better ya’ll). YES I have to skip out on family hangouts. YES I only get to talk to my closest friends about once a week. YES my love have has taken a hit (I’m getting back out there) — but I know that at any given time, God will give me “double for my trouble”. Sacrifices made from a pure heart and motive will ALWAYS be rewarded in the end.

I was surprised and happy to find that one of those rewards came today in the form of this little number….


I am not rich by ANY means, and the Lord TRULY knows I go over and beyond in the office because I want to do my job well and I know that “[I should] not be weary in well doing: for in due season [I] shall reap, if [I] faint not.” (Galatians 6:9 KJV)

I have not grown weary in well doing. I have not fainted and endured TRYING …and I DOOOO mean trying…times — and God has blessed me. I had to dish out almost my ENTIRE paycheck last month as a result of one of my bills being thrown off track due to a reps error. It hurt me a bit, but hey, it had to be taken care of and while it wasn’t MY fault, I still needed service. No one on EARTH can tell me that this blessing today wasn’t straight from God!

The lesson in all of this (I’m saying this to myself too) is to remember that the key to prosperity is your ATTITUDE. Bad things are going to happen to us – whether we are saved or not. But as Christians, we need to realize that God rewards our RESPONSE. He will bless you more and more when you don’t react based on temporary emotion and react with a ‘God attitude’ of faith and peace. As I stated at the beginning of my post, I am not rich, I am not making this post to brag, but I am posting this to encourage YOU so that you will know, if you work hard, keep a positive attitude, reflect the Light of Christ, and do things from the kindness of your heart — you will not go unrewarded.

Be blessed,




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2 responses to “God Is A Pro At Giving!

  1. Amen,Christian sister! I love your integrity!

  2. Very inspirational and continued blessings!

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