Things I learned from last night’s episode of The Walking Dead (3/9/14)

Things I learned from last night’s episode of The Walking Dead (3/9/14)

  1. The same gang that finds Daryl slumped over in the middle of the road is the same group that took over the house Rick, Carl, and Michonne were hiding out in the episode before last. WHYYYYY is Daryl always finding himself linked to these ruffians?! First Merle now these dudes! Come on man!
  2. Daryl may be border line creepy – does anyone know how old Beth is?! The fact that he almost kissed her last night had me screaming to the top of my lungs “Don’t do it! Carol gon kill youuuuu!”
  3. And speaking of Beth and Daryl, does anyone else think that the dog with the one eye was sent as a ‘spy’ to stake out the mortuary by a group who noticed someone was camping out in their territory?
  4. And keeping up with the Beth theme, it’s quite possible that maybe someone from the group saw Beth all alone and rescued her in the heat of the moment and left Daryl unknowingly. It’s possible right?!
  5. Bob looks like a cross between MadTvs Phil Lamarr and Lavar Burton from The Reading Rainbow. That’s it. It had to be said.
  6. Everyone is finally getting together (cue celebration music) YAY!!! All roads lead to TERMINUS – not sure about it though, but hey, if there weren’t twist and turns, this would be ‘almost’ real life. Life ain’t perfect!
  7. Terminus COULD be the same place that Daryl, Bob, and them heard when they were out looking for medical supplies earlier in the season – “those who arrive survive”. I’m kind of excited to see if this is going to be like the fortress on “28 Days Later” and is just a few of government soldiers scrapping to survive.
  8. Terminus has the eerie feeling of “Crawford” in Season 1 of The Walking Dead Game. Hmmm maybe just me. Something’s not right here.

What do you all think?!

– Joc


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