Being Alone May Scare You But….

When I saw this on my friend’s Facebook page I HAD to repost it. For one thing, I’m up late working. On another note, I’ve lived this before — it’s the driving force in why I am a better woman today, a stronger woman at that! Because I went through the ringer,  and now know the importance of keeping God first (seriously, not a cliche) and being wise in your relationship decisions.

I’ll be very transparent here. Back in high school a guy I dated cheated on me. Plain and simple. I was a goody-goody and almost everything went over my head (though I thought I was on my Deliver Us From Eva trip. haha WRONG). But instead of getting out of the relationship, I stayed longer than I should (dumb high school mindset). As a result, that led to a few bad relationships shortly after — all the way up to college really. I was damaged and didn’t even know it. It didn’t click that the reason I was making bad decisions in guys was due to the fact that I wasn’t healed from the bad relationships long ago!

Psalm 147:3 ESV

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

The person I was leaving out of my relationships (even way back then) was God. I wasn’t strong in my relationship with Him and was ignorantly fixed on the assumption that I could heal myself — well I really didn’t think I needed healing in the first place! I self medicated myself by NOT addressing why I was choosing guys that weren’t good for me and all I was doing was making things worse for myself.

LESSON TO BE LEARNED: You may be thinking to yourself “I’ve heard enough of these stories to last my entire life”, but trust it is the truth! You should be single “on purpose” ….meaning don’t just wallow in your singleness, feel sorry for yourself, or want somebody JUST to have someone. Try delving into your career. Make friends. Go out. Casually date. Grow in your relationship with God — once you master that, your entire life will change! SERIOUSLY. You will be intentional about dating, weed out the bad ones, and make wise/smart choices in mates. Trust that it beats being emotionally and mentally damaged by a relationship.

– Joc


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  1. Very good advice….Many need to listen.

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