Common Christian Sense – According To Joc

I’m not sure how this particular post will be received but hey, it’s a post that needs to be posted (in my opinion). As a Christian, I’ve learned that there are some things that are just common Christian sense principles. In this day and age, many Christians are “lenient” when it comes to walking in righteousness and projecting a good, Christ led witness (not judging, just saying) — and are quick to defend what they do. They post every scripture imaginable and retweet the little Jesus chain photos — you know the ones that say “Repost if you love God with all of Your Heart” ??? I used to be one of those people. I lived a ‘wordly’ lifestyle and felt that since I gave my life to Christ in the 2nd grade and that Christ died for my sins, I was excused automatically…plus, the stuff I was doing didn’t seem that bad compared to what some other folk were doing.

Little did I know that while Jesus DID die for our sins, it didn’t give me a pass to live recklessly. I admit there are some gray areas when it comes to things like women wearing pants, or listening to secular music, and going to certain events — but there are some things that clearly don’t line up with walking a godly walk.

Mind you, bad things still occur whether you live a saved life or not, but there are some struggles that are clearly a result of being a ‘wishy washy’ Christian.

I know some people have already stopped reading and have maybe even thrown in an eye roll, but that’s ok…still got love for ya.Though I’m still working hard each day to be a good witness, there are a few scenarios that don’t show good use of Common Christian Sense.

EXAMPLE #1 – You go on telling the FB and friends that you are struggling to pay your bills, and believing God for a financial miracle, but you completely ignore the fact that you go out with your friends almost every week to the club. The money that you spend on outfits, admission, and drinks is money that you could be using to PAY your bills.

EXAMPLE #2 – You go off in church, tearing the floor up and posting videos and photos of you breaking down promising that you’ll live for God, but 24-72 hours later cuss someone out because they rubbed you the wrong way. You usually end with “God is still working on me.” While He MAY be working on you, there are some things you don’t need help with because you KNOW it’s wrong and willingly let it happen.

EXAMPLE # 3 – People drag your name through the mud on a REGULAR basis and you can’t understand why no one wants to do business with you; even though you can not WAIT to get on the phone or social media so you can gossip and talk about who’s doing what with who — despite the fact that you have NO intentions to go to God in prayer asking for Him to fix the situation.

EXAMPLE # 4 – You get drunk almost EVERY SINGLE weekend — all in fun you say — but stay getting carpet burns on those knees praying that God will help you make better grades in school or help you to stop getting fired from jobs that you need or help you to stop sleeping with no good people — oh and that you will stop getting pregnant/getting women pregnant. It’s not adding up to you.

EXAMPLE # 5 (and this is a doozy) –  You participate in sexual RELATIONS other than what is clearly outlined in Genesis (I’m not going any further with this), you participate in sex before marriage, you sexually experiment, etc — but you can’t for the life of you figure out why God hasn’t blessed you with “the One” yet. You go on and on (and on) complaining about being tired of the single life and of how you desire a godly spouse who will love you; but you’ve been shacking with the same person for 2, 10, 20 years giving up the goods (UNMARRIED), yet not requiring a commitment. Not to mention the fact that they are unfaithful to you and require you to give husband or wife benefits without actually being married. Oh and one more thing, YOU curse more than a sailor, drink more than a leprechaun, and are messier than a baby’s diaper — but you still desire a godly spouse….um…yeah…..

And thus concludes my thoughts.

– Joc



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3 responses to “Common Christian Sense – According To Joc

  1. Enjoyed reading this blog.

  2. Oh My Goodness! Girl I wanted to snap, clap, and exclaim after reading this! Very well spoken and a clear unbias (in my opinion) opinion lol

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