Last Night Was a Rough One

Last night was a rough one.

There’s no other way to explain it.

demons of past hurts clawing their way to the doorway of my destiny — not quite getting a good grasp at the handle.

That’s because it’s greased with holy oil (preferably extra virgin and olive)

The oil is the anointing that my Heavenly Father has on my life, but

sometimes it still ain’t easy.

It ain’t easy traveling this path alone. 

Through the weeping willows of abuse, past the thunderstorms of tears I still sometimes cry at night.

but that voice….

there is the distinct voice of my mother and father, intertwined into one

saying “you are here for a reason.”

Those guys that broke your heart….put them behind.

The desires you now have for a family…they will be fulfilled in due time, by the man

that HE sends you.

“But how will I know when he comes?”

— the truth is, “you can’t put into words, the inspiration you will feel when your hand lies is his —

gliding down the pathway to holy matrimony and on into forever.”

Last night was a rough one.

But now it’s morning.

Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

My [eyes] are open.

– Joc


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